Frequently Asked Questions

Manchester Language School is Small and Beautiful

Is Manchester Language School recognised?

Manchester Language School is accredited by the Accreditation Body for Language Services a body recognized by the Home Office Immigration and Nationality Directorate as providers of bona fide services for English language students.

When do courses run?

Manchester Language School runs courses throughout the year except Christmas/New Year and Easter.

What is the total capacity of the School?

Moor Cottage has classroom accommodation for 18 students. How big are the classes? Maximum 9 students in one class.

How is the school staffed?

Manchester Language School has a full-time Principal (Judith Godfrey) and Administrator (Bill Godfrey). They are assisted by senior tutors Sean Warren and Diana Rosenthal plus a team of specialist part-time teachers.

Where do Manchester Language School students come from?

Last year students from 8 different countries studied at Manchester Language School(France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland).

How many hours per week?

Residential courses are for between one and three weeks. The number of hours tuition varies between 10 and 20 hours per week plus a full accompanied social and excursion programme to ensure that English conversation is practised throughout the day. Part-time courses vary from one and half hours to ten hours per week.

What accommodation is provided?

Some residential accommodation is available within the school. The majority of Manchester Language School clients stay with local home stay hosts or in a hotel of their choice.

What is the social programme?

Manchester has it all! From theatres to night clubs, from out-door markets to designer outlets, from football to golf. Manchester Language School specialises in devising varied and balanced programmes to match clients’ interests.

What about excursions outside Manchester?

Manchester is surrounded by four National Parks and several historic cities. The English Lake District is only 90 minutes from Manchester. Manchester Language School selects destinations on the basis of clients’ interests and requests. Most courses include a minimum of two excursions per week. Additional excursions e.g. London, Edinburgh, Stratford-upon-Avon may be booked with our help.

Can I visit Manchester United and the Lake District?

Manchester United and Manchester City Football Clubs have excellent visitors’ centres. A visit to either one includes the museum and a tour of the grounds. The Lake District is the most popular summer excursion destination for all Manchester Language School students.

What are the extras?
None. Manchester Language School courses are a package of formal tuition, informal social activities and excursions.