Business English – Sample Programme

Day Period Activity
Arrivals Manchester Airport
Transfer to executive home stay accommodation / Hotel.
We make sure guests feel secure and welcome and part of the ‘MLS family’ from the outset. Accommodation hosts are carefully selected and usually live within walking distance of the school. Home stay accommodation extends speaking practice in a variety of social settings and situations.
9.30-11.30 Introduction to the course
Every client learns some key facts about Manchester and its main features. Maps and a time chart are used to help put the city into the European context
Coffee break
11.45-12.45 English language lesson
The client’s learning needs and styles are addressed at this point by informal discussion and evaluation. To help the client feel comfortable and in control formal testing is usually avoided unless specially requested.
1.00 Manchester orientation. Lunch followed by an accompanied walk around Manchester City Centre (Town Hall, Royal Exchange, cathedral and the historic Castlefield area).
The client makes an accompanied visit to the City centre. The afternoon combines sightseeing and familiarisation with informal language practice.  There is plenty of visual stimulation to aid conversation which helps build confidence and speaking from Day 1.
9.30 ‘Last orders’ at the Royal Oak Pub
Tuesday 9.30-11.15 English language lesson
The content of all English language sessions is decided on the basis of a Needs Analysis and covers the specific areas of Business English selected by the client.
Coffee break
11.30-12.45 English language lesson
1.00 Lunch
2.30 Tour of The Theatre of Dreams, Manchester United Football Club stadium including the museum and players’ changing rooms and Lowry Centre, Salford Quays.
Clients need to be able to discuss contemporary issues especially in the fields of business, employment patterns, basic politics etc. The excursion programme facilitates this so that a visit to the Quays, for instance, triggers natural discussion about work past and present, unemployment, the change from a manufacturing based economy to a service based one, and so on. The widening gap between rich and poor is exemplified by the deprivation still evident in some parts of Salford, contrasted with the multimillion-pound football contracts.
Evening Free
Some clients manage a substantial amount of homework during their stay. This can often be targeted on their specific needs/problems/misapprehensions regarding English or simply be a review of the morning’s work. Clients who are required to write in English may work on emails, report language etc. Consolidation of grammar and vocabulary ‘on the spot’ can be very valuable, as can speaking practice assignments such as getting into conversation with a native English speaker about his home town, job, house etc.  We encourage clients to maximise the opportunities offered by home stay.
9.30-11.15 English language lesson
Coffee break
11.30-12.45 English language lesson
1.00 Lunch
2.00-4.30 English language lesson
Evening Sport: Golf tuition
Golf Driving Range (winter) or Golf course (summer)There are always several opportunities for physical activity during the course. We tend to offer low-key ‘sports’ which can be enjoyed by all, such as the golf driving range and walking in the Lake District and Peak District National Parks
9.30-11.15 English language session
Coffee break
11.30-12.45 English language session
1.00 Lunch and tour of Quarry Bank Mill one of the world’s first factories (1784).  The mill presents an interesting history of the Industrial Revolution that changed the world at the end of the 18th Century.
During this excursion there is the chance to practise the language of technology and process and see nineteenth century engineering in action. As the working mill is explored there is discussion about the role of capital, the workforce, and entrepreneurial vision in industrial development.
7.30 Theatre visit
Popular entertainment, whether live or at the cinema, is the perfect opportunity for Active Listening. Students are encouraged to listen out for use of grammar structures or basic vocabulary studied in the classroom in the context of a play or film. These evenings, always accompanied by a member of our staff and often with other native speakers, are also enjoyable and relaxing for participants
9.30-11.15 English language lesson
Coffee break
11.30-12.45 English language lesson
Students receive a certificate.  They are asked to give a mini-presentation in English to a selected audience who are asked to give positive feedback.
1.30-4.00 English language lesson
Evening Dinner at Moor Cottage with host family
This is an opportunity to network and reflect on / evaluate the course.
9.30 Day excursion to the Lake District, Seven Lake, tour including Grasmere – home of the William Wordsworth and the English Romantic Poets.
Excursions are chosen to match clients’ interests.  They are carefully prepared in class and allow clients to explore different aspects of British culture as well as the beautiful landscapes that surround Manchester. 
Depart for Manchester Airport

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