A Very English Experience – What our Students say

“When you describe your language course as a real English experience, it’s really true. I had the opportunity to live as an English man, following your way of living, including all the particular moments – breakfast, tea time, English dinner, pub experience, gardening, excursions- that amazed me.

If you love the real English style, you will love Manchester. It gives you the opportunity to live the English life.

Thanks to M’cr, but most of all thanks to your genius, your staff’s availability and also Graham’s hospitality.”
Bastianello Alessio, Italy

“His stay was a breakthrough for him because he had never spoken in English before, so we will definitely be back.”
Eygl Fririksdttir, Iceland

“We think often of the stay with you. It was a beautiful time with beautiful people.”
Dr & Mrs Bernd Heiner, Germany

“When I close my eyes, I always remember memories that had a good time at Moor Cottage.
Seiko Fujisawa, Japan

“Thank you very much for this lovely and interesting ‘Very English Experience’. I will never forget my two weeks with you.”
Theres Bauer, Switzerland

“I enjoyed everything! I made a pot in Wedgwood. I would like to keep it for my whole lifetime!
Michiko Watanabe, Japan

“I couldn’t tell you in words how much I enjoyed my stay. The week in Manchester was one of the big experiences of my life.”
Merite Lassen, Denmark

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