English Language Garden Tours

English Language Garden Tours are ideal for members of garden clubs / societies, professional horticulturists, garden designers and independent travellers who wish to  practise their English while exploring some of the most celebrated gardens and landscapes in the United Kingdom.

There will be two courses in 2019: EGT The Treasures of Yorkshire (price and details to follow) and English for Gardeners in Manchester.  Both programmes combine seminars and classes with full-day and afternoon garden visiting.

The Tour Leader, ‘Garden Guru’ Michaeljon Ashworth, is a garden historian, fine art and architectural historian, author and specialist in Italian influences on British gardens.

The programmes allow for shopping for books, antiques, country clothes and gifts, walks in the country, theatre visits and concert performances.

Bed, breakfast and evening meals are provided by friendly hosts within walking distance of Moor Cottage. (Hotel accommodation can be arranged if preferred).

Come on an English Garden Tour and you will…

  • Practise and extend your knowledge of the English language
  • Enjoy a special week in the company of a small international group
  • Experience memorable garden visits guided by experts
  • Receive a course dossier – an illustrated handbook, souvenir and reference guide
  • Take advantage of the optional evening social programme which includes theatre, musical and culinary experiences
  • Shop for books, antiques, garden gadgets and seeds etc
  • Be the guest of a welcoming home stay host who may share an interest in gardening
  • Be confident knowing Manchester Language School has organised successful garden tours since 1995 for amateur enthusiasts, professional horticulturists and landscape designers.


Sunday 4 to Sunday 11 August 2019 Professionals and pleasure gardeners use a rich and specialist vocabulary. This course helps use this language of the garden formally and conversationally Every ELGT tour is, of course, ‘English for Gardeners’ but this programme offers practical seminars to help those unfamiliar or unsure with the language of the … Continue reading ENGLISH FOR GARDENERS