What Students say about our English Garden Tours

“It exceeded every expectation. You’re very special”
Lorenza Dufour returnee

“La settimana passata con voi quest’anno è stata di assoluta felicità.”
Annamaria Banfi Horticulturist

“You really make me touch and feel Cornwall’s magic! I’m looking forward to the next garden tour.”
Lorenza Dufour, Italy 

“I really appreciated a lot your outstanding organisation. I really feel to be with friends and also learned many gorgeous things about gardens, Cornwall and the English way of life. We will enjoy next year another garden tour. Please go on working in such a perfect way.”
Michela, Italy 

“It was enjoyable in so many ways. I learnt a great deal about plants and history, had a lot of fun, ate too much and saw fantastic gardens.”
Susan Kaberry, UK 

“I had very good news from our people. They have been very satisfied”
Sergio Zerbini (Direttore Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza, Italy)

“It was the most wonderful, luxurious and useful and amazing experiences for me.”
Sakiyo Yamanaka, Japan

“Thank you for such exquisite hospitality. I was expecting to enjoy the gardens but the wonderful human element was a complete surprise.”
Clare Littlewood (Lecturer in garden history and design, Italy)

“The garden tour far exceeded my expectations with the variety of the incredibly beautiful gardens seen and the depth of information and history provided. To my surprise, the gardens also served as the backdrop for creating some wonderful new friendships with people from all over the world.”
Suzanne Strozier, Tacome WA, USA

“Thank you very much for everything, Judith and Bill. Moor Cottage and English gardens were just so beautiful. I could make lot’s of friends and I had a most fantastic time..”
Kazuko Kawakami, Japan

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the help I’ve received. The views of the countryside and landscapes, the castle, the old churches and all the gardens were so fantastic and amazing.”
Mieko Takaha, Japan

“Il  supporto eccezionale, dello storico dei giardini, Michaeljon Ashworth e della paesaggista I programmi prevedono ulteriori, interessantissimi viaggi da prendere anche a sca tola chiusa …” 
Lori Fontana, Italy

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